Friday, March 4, 2011

Easy Strip Pieced Placemats

Here's a quick and easy pattern I came up with for placemats.  I didn't want to spend hours making a set of placemats so I decided to try something new.  So, I started playing around with some leftover strips I had from a Berry Bliss Bali Pop by Hoffman Fabrics.  And here's what happened...

What you will need

Don't you love my purple cutting mat!  I know I do!

2.5" strips of fabric at least 19" long (6 per placemat)
12.5" x 18" Fusible Fleece (Cotton Batting would also work)
12.5" x 18" fabric for backing
Fabric for binding (I used 2 strips, 2" x WOF)

Let me start by saying I decided to use the fusible fleece because it's easy!  I'm all about saving time.  Cotton batting would also work but would require pinning the fabric strips in place.  I HATE pinning so I went for easy and used the fusible fleece!

First, lay the fusible fleece with the fusible side up.  Seems silly to point this out but I have first hand knowledge that this is a VERY important step.  Otherwise, you will have to start over after you have your strips laid out and positioned.  Ask me how I know!

Start laying the strips of fabric on the fleece.  The first strip will line up with the top of the fleece.  Each subsequent strip will overlap the previous strip by 1/2."  I used the grid on my cutting mat to help me line up my strips. 

The dark strip is strip #1.  Strip #2, the green strip, overlaps strip #1 by 1/2"

Strip #3, the blue strip, overlaps strip #2 by 1/2"
Continue adding strips until all 6 have been placed on top of the fusible fleece.  At this point, nothing is attached.  The strips are simply laying on the fleece. 

All 6 strips placed on the fleece
Iron the strips in place. 

Flip it over and trim off the excess strips on both sides.

My little piles of scraps after trimming

I also trimmed 1/2" off the last strip I added.  I wanted all my strips to be about the same width and that last one was a little bigger than the rest.

Now it's time to stitch those strips in place for good.  Topstitch each strip 1/4" from the edge.

All strips are top stitched now!  Almost done...
Put the placemat face down and lay the backing on top. 

Pin in place

All 4 sides are pinned...this is a close up of one corner
Finally, make your binding, pin it on, and sew, sew, sew...

Almost finished....


I also made one and added a little flower for fun!  I just used steam a seam to adhere the flower and then sewed a button in the center.  I added the flower before I attached the backing.  

Close cute!
Please note...this method leaves raw edges on the strips and flower.  I really like the additional texture it adds to the placemat. 

Let us know what you think!  Leave a never know what might happen!
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